You Can’t Be For Less Transit and Less Gridlock

Here’s Dana Grubb complaining about the post-fireworks traffic out of Southside Bethlehem on the 4th of July: Frequent council commentator Dana Grubb said he was in traffic and watching anxiously as an Easton ambulance crawled through bumper-to-bumper traffic toward St. Luke’s Hospital in Fountain Hill. Other motorists struggled to get out of the ambulance’s way, [...]

Will Corbett Support His Commissions’ Recommended Tax Increases?

This weekend we learned that Tom Corbett’s Marcellus Shale commission, despite its lopsided representation from the natural gas industry, will apparently be recommending some form of tax fee on fracking in addition to the odious practice of forced pooling. Here’s Angela Couloumbis and Laura Olson at the Inquirer: Gov. Corbett’s advisory panel on drilling in [...]

Don’t Run Over Michael McFarland

Michael has shared his plight in a Letter to the Editor of the Morning Call. Please do not make him ride his bike into the corn: I’m a 12-year-old boy and I like to ride my bike a lot. I think it is very scary when I’m riding on the street that has no shoulder [...]

Transit Access and Economic Mobility

Over at Patch I have a new column up making the case that increasing transit access to jobs is a good way to improve economic mobility. My prescription is to increase the number of businesses that can fit in the downtown business districts: It’s true that the Valley’s core cities are already pretty dense, but [...]

The Low-Hanging Fruit of Transportation Reform

Bipartisanship! Tanya Snyder brings us 7 ideas that the hippies at Transportation for America and the free marketeers at the Reason Foundation say they can agree on. 1. Transportation scenario planning – Rather than planning for a future just like the present, metros and states can use a more dynamic planning process, often used by [...]

Transit Access to Jobs in the Lehigh Valley

Brookings has a new paper out on transit access to jobs, complete with fun infographics for the Top 100 US metros. Here are the Lehigh Valley’s numbers: Here’s overall coverage: Here’s service frequency. You have to zoom in to the core areas to see anything. In the darkest areas, service is best – a 0-5 [...]

After Pork

The post-pork era in Congress means more money for transportation and livability projects: The FHWA just announced that 11 programs, funded at a combined $422 million, will be making discretionary grants for innovative projects. “These grants will support projects that work to improve safety, maintain a state of good repair, and make communities more livable,” [...]