Wealthy School Districts Saw No Change to State Aid From Corbett

Mikhail Zinshteyn says Tom Corbett made a choice to cut more aid to poor school districts than wealthy school districts: After looking at budgeting priorities of various states, Baker noticed that more federal funding fed into short comes in dollar streams allocated to wealthier districts than poor districts. Once Pennsylvania’s share of the $48.3 billion [...]

Will Corbett Support His Commissions’ Recommended Tax Increases?

This weekend we learned that Tom Corbett’s Marcellus Shale commission, despite its lopsided representation from the natural gas industry, will apparently be recommending some form of tax fee on fracking in addition to the odious practice of forced pooling. Here’s Angela Couloumbis and Laura Olson at the Inquirer: Gov. Corbett’s advisory panel on drilling in [...]

How Mike Turzai Runs the State House

Mike Sturla calls out Turzai on the Republicans’ lack of transparency and intolerance for debate: Under their Leader, House Republicans have “called the previous question” (a means to shut off debate) a record-setting 8 times in the past 6 months, eclipsing every YEAR since 1961. This procedure used to be employed sparingly, a total of [...]

What Tom Corbett Could Be Doing on Jobs

Me at Keystone Politics on what Tom Corbett could be doing on jobs: Tom Corbett’s idea of job creation is probably “do whatever the state’s largest businesses are asking for.” But that’s just not how job creation works. Job creation comes overwhelmingly from small firms scaling up. The biggest players are rarely going to be [...]

What Shall Tom Corbett’s Dogs Be Named?

Tom Corbett wants Pennsylvania’s children to name his dogs. I recommend Fracky and Sludge…

Eating the Seed Corn

Michael Sokolove has a very good NYT piece on how Tom Corbett’s totally unnecessary budget cuts are going to roll back recent education gains in Levittown: Fifty-one percent of Bristol Township’s students qualify for free or reduced lunch. When schools were first measured under the No Child Left Behind act, the district scored near the [...]

Buyer’s Remorse

(h/t Matt Yglesias)