Teabaggers Still Just Embarassed Former Republicans

Last time, in case anyone is still confused – the “tea party” is just the rump Republican base with tricorne hats on. These are not new voters: There are now more Republican-leaning independents among independents in general than there were in 2006, but the main reason is that the number of actual Republicans has significantly [...]

Fuzzy Thinking

Dent Vs. the Tea Party on Abolishing Department of Education

At the State Theatre debate, Jake Towne stated that he would support abolishing the Department of Education – a position supported by Tea Party activists and 111 Republican incumbents and challengers, including would-be Speaker John Boehner. To the great disappointment of his conservative base, Charlie Dent declined to support abolishing the Department, but promised to [...]

Welfare Is OK When It Helps White People

Matt Taibbi has been doing an excellent job covering the teatards: You see, when a nice white lawyer with a GI Joe beard uses state aid to help him through tough times and get over the hump – so that he can go from having three little future Medicare-collecting Republican children to eight little future [...]

Not So Different After All? The Tea Party and the Progressive Grassroots

In today’s Morning Call, Scott Kraus takes a closer look at the Lehigh Valley’s Tea Party movement. What he found probably won’t surprise anyone. The Tea Party members he interviewed voted Republican before becoming involved in the Tea Party. They are concerned about government spending. And, like this Orlando Tea Party member, they are not [...]

Charlie Dent Runs to the Fringe

Charlie Dent knows which way the wind is blowing. With the primary just three weeks away, Dent is running to the fringe, proudly brandishing the endorsement of the far right Independence Hall Tea Party PAC. At a speech in Philadelphia, Dent rattled off a litany of Republican hokum designed to assure the Tea Partiers that [...]

Republican Primaries Are Not About Issues

John Micek has several good posts on the right wing Pennsylvania Leadership Conference from this past weekend. I think this bit about Sam Rohrer and Tom Corbett is especially instructive: But as the two men made what could well have been their final, concerted pitches to a roomful of Pennsylvania conservatives before the May 18 [...]