Peak Tea

Greg Ip thinks we’ve hit peak Tea Party. We’ve known for a while that the Tea Party hasn’t brought any new voters into the electorate. The rump base of the Republican Party has merely traded their elephant hats for tricorne hats with tea bags hanging off of them. My guess is that we’re seeing some of [...]

Tea Time’s Over

Gallup: About half of Americans, 47%, now have an unfavorable image of the Tea Party movement, the highest since it emerged on the national scene Economic conservatism has never been popular in the United States, and the right wing electoral coalition has always been most successful using social issues as a Trojan Horse for the [...]

Useful Idiots

Tim McNulty reports that the natural gas drillers are going shopping for some astroturf: The main Pittsburgh Tea Party event of the year — on tax day — returns to the revamped Market Square this Friday at noon. Conservative talk show host Rose Tennent is the MC. The anti-Obama/health reform/stimulus group is apparently veering into [...]

LV Tea Party Cheers on Government Shutdown

For the record, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the Lehigh Valley Tea Party is actively cheering on a government shutdown. Here’s Kim Schmidtner: Instead of having the best interest of our nation at the forefront of their minds, they’re afraid of getting blamed for taking a bold stance and putting the [...]

Republican Base Wants a Shutdown

(Source: Pew Research)


Via Jon Terbush, the new CNN poll says Tea Party unfavorables are at an all-time high: In the poll, 47% of adult Americans said they viewed the Tea Party unfavorably, compared to 32% who said they viewed it favorably. The latest finding continues a trend of the Tea Party losing popularity as it has became [...]

What Tea Party?

Will Wilkinson pours cold water on the idea that the Tea Party propelled Republicans to power: In the latest edition of The Boston Review, a pair of Harvard political scientists, Stephen Ansolabehere and James M. Snyder, cast doubt on the conventional wisdom about the tea-party movement. Digging into the data from the 2010 mid-term elections, [...]