How to Cover the Romney Appearance in Allentown

Mitt Romney will be in Allentown to take a cheap shot at President Obama on the closed Allentown Metalworks, which Obama visited previously to sell the stimulus. I’ll credit the Romney campaign for good political theatre, but on the substance, the premise is total crap. What the Romney campaign is doing here is playing a [...]

Shovel-Ready Projects Watch

Man, if only we had a bunch of jobless construction workers: Shrinking budgets are forcing PennDOT to make a tough choice. Do they fix bad bridges or bumpy roads first? It’s a no win situation… New numbers from PennDOT show more bridges in our area are classified as “structurally deficient” in spite of a state [...]

Financial Times Editorial Board Calls for More Stimulus

FT: In recent months, both the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve have become more vocal in their desire to raise rates. This temptation must be resisted. The west’s inflation problem stems from the voracious demand from Asia’s new industrial powerhouses. This must give hope that a mild dose of stagflation is simply [...]

A Stimulus Plan That Doesn’t Need to Pass Congress

The recovery is increasingly looking like it’s in jeopardy, which is terrifying since there’s no way more stimulus can get through Congress. But even though Congress is totally worthless right now, there is more that the President can do unilaterally to fix the housing market and boost demand. Brad Delong has a plan: Private mortgage [...]

The Last Minute Deal

Dean Baker makes the most important point: According to analysis from Moody’s Analytics and Goldman Sachs, the original package of $61 billion in cuts put forward by the Republicans would lead to a loss of over 700,000 jobs. (The logic is simple. There is less spending, therefore fewer people are employed. Even a Washington Post [...]

Price Is Right

Mark Price brings us this helpful chart showing how much more severe job losses would’ve been without government intervention to stabilize the economy. Here are his suggestions for what can be done at the state level to create jobs: •The state should increase its bond-financed investments in infrastructure, transportation, schools, and energy efficiency retrofits. By [...]

Reservations About the Tax Cut Deal

Mike Konczal argues pretty persuasively that the Obama-McConnell tax deal should look more like this than the chart the White House was sending around on the Hill: James Kwak makes a similar case here. The more I read about this, the more I think we should be concerned about the Democrats’ will to let the [...]