Lutchansky on Flaws in Turzai’s Alcohol Reform Bill

Nathan Lutchansky finds some big problems with HB11, Mike Turzai’s state store privatization bill: By my reading of the fact sheet and the bill, Turzai intends to sell wholesaler licenses to whomever wants them, with no limit on the overall number of licenses. However, there is a catch: licenses will come with a strict list [...]

Eating the Seed Corn

Michael Sokolove has a very good NYT piece on how Tom Corbett’s totally unnecessary budget cuts are going to roll back recent education gains in Levittown: Fifty-one percent of Bristol Township’s students qualify for free or reduced lunch. When schools were first measured under the No Child Left Behind act, the district scored near the [...]

Senate Republicans Breaking with Corbett on the Surplus?

Scott Detrow reports that Senate Republicans are feeling squeamish about Tom Corbett’s budget cuts since there is now a surplus: But as the surplus continues to grow, Senate Republicans may not support that plan, according to spokesman Erik Arneson. “It is certainly difficult for many members of our caucus to understand why ..putting [the surplus [...]

Tom Corbett Is Cutting Education Because He Wants To

The arguments in today’s Patch column will be familiar to regular readers – basically that Tom Corbett and the majority Republicans have the choice not to cut any education spending, since much weaker claims could be cut from the budget and the tax code: None of the layoffs at the state and local level would [...]

The Day of Reckoning Fallacy

It’s hard to understand why Bernie thinks Doug Reichley’s political cowardice is a “reality check.” Consider the following quote from Reichley: I was at a candidates’ night last week of school board candidates where four of them promised they will not raise property taxes to abounding applause from, primarily, seniors. So we’re gonna’ have the [...]

Only 178 of 900 Frackers Paid Corporate Net Income Taxes Last Year

Tom Corbett’s Revenue Department is trying to make it sound like the natural gas drillers contribute much more tax revenue than they actually do: It has become the billion-dollar question in the Capitol: How much, exactly, do the big natural-gas drilling companies pay in taxes? The state Department of Revenue on Monday weighed in with [...]

Tom Corbett’s Lady Problems

Amy Worden says women hate Tom Corbett’s choice to protect tax loopholes instead of children: In the poll, released Wednesday, 39 percent of voters said they liked the job Corbett was doing, while 37 percent didn’t and 24 percent had no opinion. That contrasts with a February poll that counted disapproval at 11 percent… Forty-three [...]