Where the Waste Is: School Districts Edition

Via Bernie, this Amy Crawford story should be required reading for anybody considering education spending cuts. Wasteful political fiefdoms are the very weakest claim on the limited supply of education dollars, so before anybody goes scrapping full-day kindergarten or making kids pay to play sports, legislators should cut the service duplication fat: Across the state, [...]

Christie Approves "Mix and Match" to Speed MuniCon

Edward Colimer at the Inquirer reports that Chris Christie has signed the “mix and match” bill that makes it easier for citizens to approve a municipal consolidation study, even if their legislators don’t want to: Legislation that will make it easier for towns to merge was signed into law by Gov. Christie on Wednesday, clearing [...]

Will Ron Tomalis Reject School District Tax Shopping?

It would be really bad precedent if Tom Corbett’s Education secretary lets people switch school districts because they want to pay lower taxes: The coalition has cited financial reasons for the secession because Riegelsville residents are taxed differently than the district’s Northampton County taxpayers. Riegelsville taxes rose 30 percent in 2006, while taxes for Northampton [...]

What You’re Getting Instead of a Fracking Tax

Instead of taxing fracking like every other state, Tom Corbett thinks it’s a better idea to do this stuff: With a 6-2 vote before a sparse crowd, the Bethlehem Area School Board gave its final blessing Monday to eliminate 175 jobs, slash about 40 high school electives, pare down preschool offerings and end full-day kindergarten [...]

Raise Chris Miller’s Taxes

Andrew McGill says there is a group of patriots organizing in Nazareth who – in defiance of my terrible 6th grade Social Studies teacher Chris Miller – do not want to eat the region’s seed corn and turn out third-rate students: For weeks, the rhetoric in the Nazareth Area School District flowed in one direction: [...]

Corbett Slouching Toward MuniCon

This is certainly not anything like a plan of action, but it’s good to see Tom Corbett endorsing school district consolidation as a means to cutting costs: Gov. Corbett, defending his proposed cuts in education aid during a tour of a Clairton factory Thursday, said some of Pennsylvania’s school districts should consider merging. “We’re going [...]

Who to Blame for Education Cuts

If you want to get into the minutiae of the fights over school budget cuts in Easton and Allentown, I recommend adding Noel Jones’ Neighbors of Easton and Rich Wilkins’ new blog Broad and Pennsylvania to your daily reading. I’d like to cover this stuff, but there’s just not enough hours in the day. For [...]