Weiner’s Not Resigning

Like I said the other day, if Anthony Weiner ignores the calls to resign and just hunkers down for a few weeks, he’s a safe bet for reelection. It’s good to see that he agrees with this and has confirmed once again that he will not resign. This is certainly much more survivable than David [...]

The Opposite Political Interests of the Old and the Young

Bernie accuses me of hating old people, but let’s tie up the LVEDC issue before we get to that. It is clear from every single one of Bernie’s posts on this issue that his core objection is that summer hours are bad because it *looks* like they’re getting a special privilege. Bernie doesn’t get summer hours, so why should [...]

Why Young People Need to Be Supervoters

Mark Schmitt lays out the generational politics of the Paul Ryan budget, and reminds us why young people need to vote every November, not just in Presidential years, no excuses: If there was ever going to be a generational war in this country, that high school class of ’74 would be its Mason-Dixon line. It’s [...]

Weiner Needs to Stick It Out

I don’t normally comment on these kinds of stories, but I keep hearing people saying Anthony Weiner will have to resign, and that’s just not the case. Weiner represents a very liberal Democratic district. Weiner is hilarious. Democrats love him. The media hype will burn out in about 2 weeks. I’ll be sick of reading [...]

We Are Live at Keystone Politics…

As I mentioned yesterday, the Jon Geeting Media Empire is expanding to include a presence at the resurgent Keystone Politics. The plan is to aim for 1-2 unique posts at KP every day on state politics,  two Patch columns a week on political economy/metro policy topics, regular blogging here on whatever I damn well please, aggregated at the LVIM hive mind. I may [...]

Primary Endorsements

I have no delusions that any candidates will benefit at the polls from my endorsement – probably the opposite! – but just for fun, here are my picks for Tuesday’s primary. It’s hardly a comprehensive list, just the races I think are most consequential for the issues this blog is concerned with: Municipal Government In [...]

What Should Liberals Want From Local Government?

Apologies up front for a really sloppy post, but I wanted to throw some thoughts out there on a topic whose importance has increased recently because of Gracedale and budget shortfalls: What do liberals want local government to accomplish? The conservative answer is easy: the bare minimum provision of law enforcement services, paid for through [...]