Medicare Is the Solution, Not the Problem

Paul Krugman shows that Medicare is much better at controlling costs than private insurance: If Medicare costs had risen as fast as private insurance premiums, it would cost around 40 percent more than it does. If private insurers had done as well as Medicare at controlling costs, insurance would be a lot cheaper. There’s no [...]

Why Young People Need to Be Supervoters

Mark Schmitt lays out the generational politics of the Paul Ryan budget, and reminds us why young people need to vote every November, not just in Presidential years, no excuses: If there was ever going to be a generational war in this country, that high school class of ’74 would be its Mason-Dixon line. It’s [...]

Charlie Dent Thinks You’re Not Paying Enough for Health Care

Jared Bernstein explains why the Medicare privatization plan that Charlie Dent supports will double health care spending for seniors: Importantly, the value of those vouchers start well below where they need to be to enable seniors to afford coverage comparable to Medicare today (in fact, beneficiaries costs would have to double), and their value falls [...]

Pat Toomey’s Budget is Somehow More Extreme Than Paul Ryan’s Medicare Repeal Budget

Pat Toomey’s budget went down in the Senate, but it’s worth pointing out that it was even more nutty than Paul Ryan’s Medicare repeal plan. CBPP gave it a brutal review yesterday, so head over there for the gory details. The thing I think reporters have failed to get across is how much of a [...]

Scott Brown Explains How RyanCare Increases Health Care Costs

Scott Brown comes out against Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, which Charlie Dent favors. Here he is explaining how it will increase premiums for all seniors, including current beneficiaries: First, I fear that as health inflation rises, the cost of private plans will outgrow the government premium support— and the elderly will be forced [...]

House Republican Leadership BTUs Charlie Dent

Republicans are getting spooked at the backlash against their Medicare phase-out, and their leaders are now suggesting they will BTU vulnerable members like Charlie Dent who already voted for it by totally scrapping it from budget negotiations. Obviously this is a political disaster for Dent in 2012, since his opponent will be able to accuse him, with [...]

A Very Serious Plan

I think this illustrates pretty persuasively how absurd the Republican position on the deficit is, that all tax increases are off the table. Obviously there is room to collect a lot more revenue without doing damage to economic growth, especially if this involves ending tax expenditures that stifle growth, like the exemption for employer-provided health insurance [...]