Why Does Easton Have Parking Minimums If They Can’t Be Enforced?

Tom Coombe: Schyrhys, who owns several Northampton Street properties, testified that no other downtown restaurants have their own parking, and rely on the same sources he would: the city’s main garage, the parking lot at Our Lady of Lebanon church, and (eventually) the intermodal garage. Board members had no issue with Schyrhys’s proposal. “We all [...]

Dennis Lieb’s Neighborhood Parking District Proposal is Dead-On

I think Noel Jones is being too hard on Mike Fleck here, but I do want to promote this post because Dennis Lieb is totally on point with this Neighborhood Parking District proposal: After everyone else was done talking, Lieb finally spoke up, and said, “This meeting is already long, so I’m going to try [...]

Free Parking at Schools is a Regressive Handout to Wealthy Families

Before anyone goes raising property taxes, the lowest hanging fruit for raising revenue is parking fees for students and school employees. And yet, Saucon Valley School District is mulling the removal of parking fees. Some of the Board members seem not to understand how this works. Here’s Lanita Lum: It irks Saucon Valley School Director [...]

Healthy Food and Parking Minimums

Another point to make about the problem of limited mobility is that it’s a pain to get out to the suburbs to the grocery stores that have a better selection of fresh food. Yes, personal preferences and market forces play a big role in the fact that low income correlates with poor nourishment, but bad [...]

Smart Meters in Easton

The big story out of Easton yesterday was same-sex marriage benefits, and that’s obviously a huge progressive win, but I want to focus on the smaller progressive win – smart meters. Tom Coombe reports: In other business, council approved a lease with a company called Streetsmart Technology, which will bring new “smart meters” to the [...]

Response to Gerard on Parking in Easton

Jonathan Gerard has a blog post up at Easton Patch suggesting a number of downtown parking solutions. There are a number of good ideas, especially for making people feel better about paying parking tickets, but he stops short of endorsing the most obvious conclusion of some of his own ideas - that the key to getting the right number [...]

Bethlehem Zoning Changes

A few points about the proposed Bethlehem zoning changes Lynn Olanoff wrote about: The changes to be discussed Wednesday include changing building height regulations to better address concerns about where commercial zones meet residential areas, Heller said. The new code originally included regulations to allow buildings of up to 150 feet in Center City, but [...]