A Visit from the Senator

Lots of red meat for the nutty base in this Pat Toomey speech to the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. A few points: 1. Mr. Toomey has joined the furthest right Senators in calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Scott Galupo, one of John Boehner’s former staffers, has called this idea “quite simply, insane.” Conservative [...]

Dent for Senate

It’s Friday afternoon and nobody’s reading blogs, so it seems like a great time for some throwaway speculatin’. The possibility of a Charlie Dent Senate run presents an interesting test case of the problem we saw play out in a number of races in 2010, where the more electable general election candidate is unable to [...]

Pat Toomey’s Greatest Hits

Jeffrey Billman at City Paper composed an amazing list of 66 Reasons Not to Vote for Pat Toomey. It is truly a marvel of one of the most detestable voting records ever assembled by a public official. Here are some of my favorites. And by favorites, I mean the ones that make me want to [...]

If Dems Turn Out, They Win

Check out the likely voter vs. registered voter gap. The more registered voters turn out, the more likely Democrats are to win the Governor race and Senate seat:                                LV   RVGovernorDan Onorato (D)     45    48 Tom Corbett [...]

What An Insider Does

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsement of Joe Sestak is well worth your time. Here’s a taste: Is there a lesson for Democrats in Mr. Sestak’s impressive if still incomplete comeback? Yes, though not one easily followed by others at this late date. It’s taken some time, but it seems Pennsylvania voters are grasping that insider and [...]

PA-Sen: Express Times FAIL

The Express Times endorsement of deficit fraud Pat Toomey is the worst sort of intellectual diarrhea. Toomey gets the endorsement on the grounds that the editorial board thinks he is a deficit hawk, but there is not a shred of evidence that the policies Toomey is campaigning on would in fact reduce the deficit. On [...]

Deficit Fraud Toomey Repeats Myth That Tax Cuts Increase Revenue

This must be some of that brave hucksterism hawkery on the deficit that so impressed the Express Times editorial board: Some Republican Senate candidates have suggested that extending the Bush tax cuts — which are scheduled to expire at the end of the year — will actually be good for the country’s bottom line, as [...]