Buyer’s Remorse

(h/t Matt Yglesias)

Tom Corbett’s Government For Sale to the Highest Bidder

The news that Tom Corbett is allowing his top campaign contributors to run his transition team is so despicable that even the press arm of the right wing Commonwealth Foundation couldn’t help piling on: Pennsylvania governor-elect Tom Corbett named the members of his transition team Wednesday, a group of 10 individuals who will guide the [...]

Ed Rendell To Geoffrey Giraffe: Pay Up

Via PA Independent, Ed Rendell takes on the Geoffrey Giraffe loophole that allows 74% of corporations in Pennsylvania to pay zero corporate income taxes: The report, issued Wednesday by The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan research group, ranks Pennsylvania 26th across the nation for a favorable business tax climate. Despite being below the median, Pennsylvania ranks [...]

If Dems Turn Out, They Win

Check out the likely voter vs. registered voter gap. The more registered voters turn out, the more likely Democrats are to win the Governor race and Senate seat:                                LV   RVGovernorDan Onorato (D)     45    48 Tom Corbett [...]

Anti-Tax Politics and Policy Inefficiency

The recent Gubernatorial debate illustrates how tax phobia and dumb political constraints lead to extremely inefficient policymaking. Here’s the key bit from Tom Infield’s piece: Corbett, in what he said would be a surprise to the audience, agreed with Onorato that Pennsylvania needed to substantially increase its funding for prekindergarten schooling. That has been a [...]

Tom Corbett and the Hershey Trust

Without necessarily endorsing the CasablancaPA blog as a source you should uncritically accept reporting from (as its been the subject of some controversy this year), I want to highlight this post because the author brings up an issue that deserves more press scrutiny: Time for another quiz! What do legislative Republicans and two Republican District [...]

Payroll Taxes Are Taxes

Tammy Alonso: As I pointed out in last week’s post, Tom Corbett’s answer during last week’s gubernatorial debate that he would repay federal government aid to the state’s unemployment fund by decreasing unemployment benefits and increasing payroll contributions amounts to an acknowledgment that taxes may go up. And this came from the candidate who keeps [...]