Dent: Cut Cap and Balance is the “Intermediate” Approach

Charlie Dent gives us about 10 paragraphs of throat-clearing and 1 paragraph of something that could be interpreted as a policy recommendation. He says it is an “intermediate” approach. Actually it is Cut, Cap and Balance worded in a different way: Or how about an intermediate approach like this: Immediate spending cuts that exceed the [...]

And the Most Obnoxious Blog Post Award Goes To…

Which of these comments seems more egregiously incorrect in light of Charlie Dent’s vote for the Republicans’ nutty Cut Cap and Balance bill? Is it Chris Casey? Charles W. Dent perfectly defines the average Demographic of the Lehigh Valley Voter. He is fiscally conservative but compassionate about social concerns. In all honesty, he and Senator [...]

"Centrist" Charlie Dent Votes for Wild Right-Wing Budget Rules

I’ve been struggling with how to get across exactly how nutty the Balanced Budget Amendment is, but I think Ezra Klein sums it up best: Perhaps CC&B would be an understandable policy fantasy in normal times. But three years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression? We’ve been violently reminded that there are [...]

Charlie Dent’s Fuel Cell Pork

Other than pure hackery, I don’t know why Bernie keeps covering for Charlie Dent on hydrogen fuel cells. I have explained to him, patiently and gently, that no one believes this technology is going anywhere. Continuing research for it is a huge waste of money. Here’s me in February: Hydrogen fuel cells are a pipe dream, continuing [...]

Dent Accepted Endorsement From Group Who Want to "Shut Down Public Schools"

Remember the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC? Charlie Dent accepted their endorsement last year, and delivered a bunch of rotten red meat to the base at a rally in Philadelphia last spring. Here’s Dent doing his wingnut impression: To give you an idea of how out-there the Independence Hall tea people are, their director just [...]

Will Dent’s Debt Ceiling Vote Fetch Him a Primary Challenge?

Charlie Dent says he is a moderate Republican. To raise the debt ceiling, quite a few moderate Republicans will have to join all House Democrats. Charlie Dent will surely be one of those votes. The Tea People have convinced themselves, incorrectly, that a default would be a good idea, and the debt ceiling should not [...]

Colby Itkowitz Is Not Using Her Journo Powers

Rich Wilkins and Greg Palmer have you covered with rebuttals to these ridiculous comments from Charlie Dent. I’m more interested in what in the world the Morning Call was thinking letting Colby Itkowitz publish a one-sided item like this. What you have in Washington right now is a hostage situation. Everybody agrees we need to raise the (statutory!) debt ceiling or the [...]