Portland Doesn’t Need Its Own Police Department

Why it would be a good idea for Northampton County to directly provide police services to the municipalities on the periphery: Detractors have questioned the wisdom of starting a chapter of the Guardian Angels while trying to promote Portland’s downtown to businesses. Some, including Northampton County Councilman Ron Angle, a former Portland councilman, have said [...]

County Districts and Economic Development

This point is tangential to the Portland Generating Station issue, so it deserves its own post. Consider this quote from Ron Angle: The Portland Power plant is in Northampton County, but the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection filed a petition against the plant. And some Northampton County officials believe that move was fueled by [...]

Gut Check Time for Climate Hawks

The New Jersey DEP is asking the EPA to take action against the Portland Generating Station because it’s polluting across the border into NJ, where standards are stricter. If they win, the plant will have to upgrade its technology, which the owners say will force them to close it down. At the national level, new EPA rules regulating [...]

Portland Doesn’t Need Its Own EMS

I think it’s obvious that a place as tiny as Portland should not be providing its own EMS service and paying all the associated overhead. It only gets 400 calls a year! Moser said the corps’ biggest problem has been collecting payments. It is owed $90,000, including $13,000 from Medicare and $3,000 from bad checks, [...]


I don’t think I’ve laid out my Gracedale views here on the blog in any comprehensive way before, so here goes. There are two main reasons that I oppose the Gracedale referendum. First, I like that the Home Rule charter prevents referenda that extend to the budget, and I want to see that rule interpreted [...]

Population Change by County

(h/t Chris Briem)

Legislating from the Bench

I enjoyed this post from Chris Casey on the Allentown explosion and Gracedale, but I think this is mistaken: The Gracedale issue appears to be headed to the ballot, against all odds. I am against selling the facility, but I really thought that a strict definition of the law regarding legitimate signatures would have it [...]