Police Merger Mania!

The option of regional police services appears to be attracting more interest from local lawmakers. Last week we learned that Macungie wants to look at a merger with Lower Macungie, Upper Milford and Alburtis. They should consider the option of getting in on the existing Berks Lehigh Regional police since Upper Macungie lawmakers aren’t really [...]

Ohio’s Kasich Supports MuniCon

Republican Governor John Kasich is one of a few speakers supporting municipal consolidation in this Bloomberg News segment. Loving this bit about the 29-resident PA town that exists solely to allow alcohol sales at a golf course. Oof!

Municipal Consolidation in Michigan

Kate Linebaugh as a very good article on municipal consolidation efforts in Michigan in the WSJ: Michigan has 1,773 municipalities, 609 school districts, 1,071 fire departments and 608 police departments. Gov. Rick Snyder wants some of them to disappear. The governor is taking steps to bring about the consolidation of municipal services, even whole municipalities, [...]

Lower Macungie Enters Second Stage of the 5 Stages of Municipal Death

Patrick Lester says super rich Lower Macungie Township is getting ready to debate whether or not to stop mooching off the state police for their domestic policing needs: Commissioners say they’ve begun researching the cost of police departments in neighboring municipalities and gathering crime statistics while they reconsider a long-standing debate: whether the township should [...]

Regional Policing Moves Forward in Nazareth

Pamela Sroka-Holzmann at the Express Times brings us some encouraging news on regional policing: Borough council on Monday unanimously agreed to negotiate a contract for police coverage from the Colonial Regional Police Department.Borough council wants to move forward on a three-year contract with Colonial Regional. A committee including councilmen Jack Herbst, William Matz, Daniel Chiavaroli [...]

Christie Approves "Mix and Match" to Speed MuniCon

Edward Colimer at the Inquirer reports that Chris Christie has signed the “mix and match” bill that makes it easier for citizens to approve a municipal consolidation study, even if their legislators don’t want to: Legislation that will make it easier for towns to merge was signed into law by Gov. Christie on Wednesday, clearing [...]

MuniCon in NJ, Cont’d.

Chris Christie’s cutting funding for LUARC, but here’s how New Jersey is navigating the tough politics and vested interests preventing municipal consolidation: The LUARC Commission was modeled on a federal program, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission, which was instituted in 1989 to close unnecessary military basis. Prior to BRAC, Congress had found [...]