Police Merger Mania!

The option of regional police services appears to be attracting more interest from local lawmakers. Last week we learned that Macungie wants to look at a merger with Lower Macungie, Upper Milford and Alburtis. They should consider the option of getting in on the existing Berks Lehigh Regional police since Upper Macungie lawmakers aren’t really [...]

Ohio’s Kasich Supports MuniCon

Republican Governor John Kasich is one of a few speakers supporting municipal consolidation in this Bloomberg News segment. Loving this bit about the 29-resident PA town that exists solely to allow alcohol sales at a golf course. Oof!

Bernie O’Hare Is Not a Smart Man…

Bernie keeps saying that relatively high property taxes cause poverty. This is incorrect. He’s mistaking correlation for causation, and then drawing the causal lines the wrong way. It’s especially frustrating to have to correct this, because he really does know better. A few months ago Bernie and I were at the same brown bag lunch [...]

Municipal Consolidation in Michigan

Kate Linebaugh as a very good article on municipal consolidation efforts in Michigan in the WSJ: Michigan has 1,773 municipalities, 609 school districts, 1,071 fire departments and 608 police departments. Gov. Rick Snyder wants some of them to disappear. The governor is taking steps to bring about the consolidation of municipal services, even whole municipalities, [...]

Lower Macungie Enters Second Stage of the 5 Stages of Municipal Death

Patrick Lester says super rich Lower Macungie Township is getting ready to debate whether or not to stop mooching off the state police for their domestic policing needs: Commissioners say they’ve begun researching the cost of police departments in neighboring municipalities and gathering crime statistics while they reconsider a long-standing debate: whether the township should [...]

Regional Policing Moves Forward in Nazareth

Pamela Sroka-Holzmann at the Express Times brings us some encouraging news on regional policing: Borough council on Monday unanimously agreed to negotiate a contract for police coverage from the Colonial Regional Police Department.Borough council wants to move forward on a three-year contract with Colonial Regional. A committee including councilmen Jack Herbst, William Matz, Daniel Chiavaroli [...]

Municipal Consolidation Would Mean a Stronger Claim on Federal Money

Important point from Holly Edinger at the LVEDC blog: LVSC submitted its application for a $5 million regional planning grant in August 2010. Although the LVSC did not receive a grant award, the Consortium did score high enough to be designated by HUD as having Preferred Sustainability Status, a major accomplishment. Out of 805 applicants [...]