Seeking a Journalist for the Morning Call’s DC Bureau

Or at least they should be. Colby Itkowitz gets another one wrong: To start, Dent is taking the place of former Delaware Rep. Mike Castle (who lost his primary bid for the Senate to “I’m not a witch” Christine O’Donnell) as the lead Republican co-sponsor on legislation to allow federal funding for stem cell medical [...]

Time for the Morning Call to Retire Paul Carpenter

Reading this kind of ignorant dreck from Paul Carpenter, it could not be more clear that it is well past time for the Morning Call to send him off to spend more time bumbling around the Westgate Mall: There are clear signs of cultural degradation — gratuitous loud noise, acceptance of vulgar language in public, [...]

Colby Itkowitz Is Not Using Her Journo Powers

Rich Wilkins and Greg Palmer have you covered with rebuttals to these ridiculous comments from Charlie Dent. I’m more interested in what in the world the Morning Call was thinking letting Colby Itkowitz publish a one-sided item like this. What you have in Washington right now is a hostage situation. Everybody agrees we need to raise the (statutory!) debt ceiling or the [...]

Almost There, Colby

I really appreciate that Colby Itkowitz decided to take on this incredibly important issue, but she ultimately deserves only partial credit. First of all, the term “federal budget crisis” in the title is far too vague. Are these cuts required by skittish bond market vigilantes, or are they a political choice? Obviously they are a [...]


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While I would rank fame-seeking way way down at the bottom of the list of reasons I write this blog, a blogger does need to gin up publicity to get ideas and preferred interpretations of political events into broader circulation. To that end, I’ve been conspiring with some of your other LV Blogosphere Overlords to [...]

Use Your Power, Colby

I’m still pretty astonished that Colby Itkowitz didn’t bother to press Charlie Dent on what specific programs he wants to cut, since he thinks Obama’s spending freeze proposal doesn’t go far enough. I mean, the article is about how local Republicans want to cut more than Obama. Isn’t the obvious follow-up question “So what do [...]