Alcohol Reform and Revenue

Here’s a key point for the alcohol policy reform debate from Nathan Lutchansky at the PLCB Users Group blog. Tom Corbett has said that he wants to raise $2 billion from privatizing the state stores, but as you can see in the chart above, the state stores do not contribute $2 billion to the General [...]

What To Do About Liquor Licensing for Bars and Restaurants

Hoisted from the comments: On licenses, you still need a way to deal with people who own licenses; to just eliminate them/erase that value is an unreasonable. My proposal is that the license owner receive a waiver of the annual fee for a period of time equal to their license value, and that the waiver [...]

Alcohol Policy Reform Round-Up

A few recent items: 24 Wal-Marts are getting wine kiosks. This is getting a little closer to not-insane policy. The wine is now inside of the grocery stores. It just needs to move out of the machines onto the store shelves. It’s stupid that there’s a class of “economic development” liquor license that’s different from [...]

Political Economy of Alcohol Policy Reform

Important point from George Hale: The state’s fiscal crisis gives Gov. Corbett a chance to do what previous governors failed to do — privatize the inefficient state stores selling wine and spirits. Prior to the election he exclaimed, “We need to move our state out of the 19th century and refocus state government on its [...]

State Monopolies and Corruption

I know I already linked to Tom Cowell’s Philadelphia Weekly article on PA liquor laws when I purged my Google Reader feed earlier, but I really want to double down on badgering you to read it. I think this kind of flagrant petty corruption is exactly what you’d expect from a monopoly that both sells [...]

Alcohol Policy Reform Round-Up

A few links on alcohol policy reform, but first a quick comment. The main thing that is annoying me about the official debate over this topic is the preoccupation with the question of how much money the state will get from selling the state stores. Corbett and Turzai put this $2 billion number out front, [...]

Alcohol Reform Omnibus?

Omnibus Bill? Lew Bryson points us to some very encouraging news from CBS Philly: House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said he does not want to see his bill to privatize liquor sales potentially bogged down by becoming an omnibus liquor reform measure. While he expects to honor Turzai’s desire to deal with privatization in a [...]