These awful white cargo shorts are sure to cost John Callahan at least 2 points at the polls in 2012. (h/t Andy Po)

Double Standard Ramblings: Money In Politics Edition

I feel a little bad picking on Bernie so much lately, but it’s really convenient that there’s one blog reliably churning out perfect examples of all the horrible intellectual habits we aim to correct here. Here’s the Money In Politics edition: When the politician in question is beloved Golden Boy Charlie Dent, Bernie says money [...]

The Case for a Callahan Redo in 2012

Colby Itkowitz reports that John Callahan was in DC for DCCC candidate training, leading to speculation that he may have another go at Charlie Dent for the 15th District seat. I think this would be a smart choice for several reasons. Exhibit A: Charlie Dent’s bait and switch on Medicare leaves him extremely vulnerable in [...]

NCC Students Have Good Ideas for Dense Development in Bethlehem

Heidi Butler has a cool piece at the NCC website on architecture students’ ideas for South Side Bethlehem: Instead of parking lots on the south side of Third Street, Mike Fusciardi, Jonathan Herrera, Dave Hughes and Chris Lutz envision two attractive multi-use complexes where retail stores, offices, and condos hide interior parking decks that can [...]

Commonwealth on Brownfield Redevelopment in Bethlehem

Apropos of SteelStacks opening weekend, here’s a good April 2010 article from Alison Lobron at Commonwealth Magazine on Bethlehem’s casino experiment: For some in the city, the Sands not only respected the character of the original site, it provided a service the city couldn’t perform for over a decade: rebuilding a massive, historical brownfields site [...]

The Campaign That Could Have Been

Nicole Radzievich: Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan was recognized this week for his work in recreation. The Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society presented him with its Local Government Award at the Lehigh Valley Forge Radisson Hotel in King of Prussia. Diane Kripas of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural resources, nominated Callahan for the award. [...]

John Callahan Is Not Very Liberal

The first half of this Chris Casey post is dead on, but I think this claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny: It is becoming clearer each day that political shifts are taking place more rapidly in this day and age than they did in the past. The Lehigh Valley electorate is a bellwether electorate, and [...]