What Tom Corbett Could Be Doing on Jobs

Me at Keystone Politics on what Tom Corbett could be doing on jobs: Tom Corbett’s idea of job creation is probably “do whatever the state’s largest businesses are asking for.” But that’s just not how job creation works. Job creation comes overwhelmingly from small firms scaling up. The biggest players are rarely going to be [...]

Voters Care About Jobs, Not the Deficit

Gallup: It is time for QE3.

Charlie Dent Still Does Not Know What Is Wrong With the Economy

Can we finally dispense with the notion that Charlie Dent has any clue what to do about jobs? Here’s Dent on the terrible jobs report: “Certainly, I am disappointed the May employment figures reveal the economy is still struggling to recover. Sadly, I am not surprised by this news. Employers are naturally reluctant to hire [...]

The Conservative Recovery

Matt Yglesias on the conservative recovery: Over the past year, we’ve consistently seen the economy engage in so-so private sector job growth offset by job losses in the public sector. The results are, if you ask me, bad. But in a decent world, conservatives would be forced to acknowledge that these are the results they [...]

The House Republican Jobs Plan is a Bad Joke

Ezra Klein surveys the wreckage: Academic books pack about 600 words to a page. Normal books clock in around 400. Large-print books — you know, the ones for kids or the visually impaired — fit about 250. The House GOP’s jobs plan, however, gets about 200 words to a page. The typeface is fit for [...]

Why Young People Need to Demand Some Inflation

Fed Governor Elizabeth Duke: In addition, starting salaries for recent college graduates have also declined, which means that young Americans who are employed will have fewer resources for saving and investing than their predecessors. Young people are living with their parents longer, which helps conserve their limited resources but likely places a strain on their [...]

The Unemployment Crisis: Still Worse Than Doing Too Much About the Unemployment Crisis

A few data points from today illustrate just how insane John Boehner’s premature call for austerity really is: A new Urban Land Institute report says the United States needs $2 trillion in new infrastructure spending. Our infrastructure is falling apart, and PA in particular has the worst bridges in the nation. The 10-year bond rate [...]