Dent Vs. the Tea Party on Abolishing Department of Education

At the State Theatre debate, Jake Towne stated that he would support abolishing the Department of Education – a position supported by Tea Party activists and 111 Republican incumbents and challengers, including would-be Speaker John Boehner. To the great disappointment of his conservative base, Charlie Dent declined to support abolishing the Department, but promised to [...]

The Deficit is a Health Care Problem

Very important NYT article today on Republicans’ failure to identify any specific spending cuts despite using the deficit as a political tool. Indeed, as I wrote after the first 15th district debate, none of the candidates have put forward a serious plan to deal with the deficit, since none of them even mention Medicare/Medicaid. Credit [...]

The WFMZ Debate

There was not much new ground covered on the policy issues that weren’t argued about at the prior two debates, but the third debate was definitely the most lively one so far. I’ll do a separate post on Dent’s health care comments, since there’s a lot of intellectual garbage to clean up there, and keep [...]

15th District Debate: Loose Ends

I doubt I’m going to get around to doing any more debate posts, but I have a few stray thoughts about the remaining questions that I wanted to blog. On the defense budget question, both major party candidates talked about being more discerning with purchases in the appropriations process, but Jake Towne was the only [...]

Towne and the Zombies

Jake Towne is out with his first campaign video, in which he responds to some of the charges thrown at him by the two major party campaigns:

"Callahan Ducks Chamber of Commerce Debate"

Bernie:: Down in the polls, Callahan has supposedly clamored for more debate time, but he ducked a surprisingly good debate sponsored by the local tea party this Spring. Now, he’s running from a local debate on jobs and the economy at the very time that Charlie Dent is being endorsed by one of the nation’s [...]


Failed primary challenger Mat Benol has managed to claw his way out from underneath his family to endorse Charlie Dent, securing approximately zero new votes for the incumbent. I think the right question to ask is, why are we hearing about this right now?  It seems like there would be no reason to put this out if all was [...]