Charlie Dent Really Does Not Like Controlling Health Care Costs

Like I wrote earlier, if Congress doesn’t vote to do things that increase the deficit, and implements the Affordable Care Act as written, we don’t have a deficit problem. But Congress really really wants to increase the deficit. Here’s Charlie Dent not controlling health care costs: A bipartisan majority of House lawmakers is pressing Medicare [...]

Malpractice Myths

Maggie Mahar debunks 7 fake conservative talking points: 1) Limit Awards, and We Can Eliminate Thousands of Frivolous Suits 2) Caps Are Needed to Rein In “Runaway Juries” 3) Caps Bring Down the Cost of Malpractice Insurance4) Fear of Malpractice Suits Drives Overtreatment 5) Caps on Awards Would Make Health Care More Affordable6) “Every Patient [...]

Why We Need the IPAB

Kathleen Sebelius makes the case: “A key part of the president’s plan, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, has recently been the subject of inaccurate claims. Critics say it will ration care and put bureaucrats in charge of the health care system. Nothing could be further from the truth. As this debate continues, it’s important to [...]

Bernie O’Hare Thinks We Spend $200 Billion a Year on Defensive Medicine

In an advertisement for Charlie Dent’s tort reform bill, Bernie O’Hare tries to sneak this whopper past us: The practice of defensive medicine – when doctors order tests and treatments in order to protect themselves against frivolous lawsuits – is estimated to cost as much as $200 billion annually. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyses indicate [...]

House GOP Trying to Censor Democrats’ Constituent Mail on Medicare

Brian Beutler: A bitter, behind-the-scenes fight over the GOP’s Medicare phase-out plan has bubbled out into the open, and now Democrats are openly charging Republicans with censoring their communications with constituents. Several House Democrats are petitioning House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), in a letter first reported by Roll Call, to step in and stop Republicans [...]

Toward Better Digital Health Records

Some of the lowest hanging fruit of health care savings is converting everybody’s paper medical records to actual useable digital information: Researchers and entrepreneurs hope to make up for the lack of integrated online patient-record systems by giving each patient a smart card containing his or her complete medical history. Researchers in the U.K. have [...]

Medicare Is the Solution, Not the Problem

Paul Krugman shows that Medicare is much better at controlling costs than private insurance: If Medicare costs had risen as fast as private insurance premiums, it would cost around 40 percent more than it does. If private insurers had done as well as Medicare at controlling costs, insurance would be a lot cheaper. There’s no [...]