Pat Toomey’s Budget is Somehow More Extreme Than Paul Ryan’s Medicare Repeal Budget

Pat Toomey’s budget went down in the Senate, but it’s worth pointing out that it was even more nutty than Paul Ryan’s Medicare repeal plan. CBPP gave it a brutal review yesterday, so head over there for the gory details. The thing I think reporters have failed to get across is how much of a [...]

A Very Serious Plan

I think this illustrates pretty persuasively how absurd the Republican position on the deficit is, that all tax increases are off the table. Obviously there is room to collect a lot more revenue without doing damage to economic growth, especially if this involves ending tax expenditures that stifle growth, like the exemption for employer-provided health insurance [...]

CEPR: RyanCare is a $36 Trillion Tax on Seniors

Hoo boy! Charlie Dent will be lucky to get any senior votes in 2012: A new report by economists at the liberal Center for Economic and Policy Research looks at House Republicans’ plan for privatizing Medicare from a new angle, and finds that it could increase health care costs for beneficiaries by a staggering $34 [...]

How Charlie Dent’s Medicare Phaseout Increases Health Care Costs

James Kwak explains why the Medicare plan Charlie Dent supports merely shifts costs from the government’s balance sheet to individuals without doing anything to control the actual rise in prices: Here’s how to read that chart. In 2030, under current law, a 65-year-old Medicare beneficiary’s health care will cost $60. (Obviously, this is using an [...]

Paul Ryan Gives Away the Game on the Debt Ceiling

Paul Ryan assumes we will raise the debt ceiling: This has gotten little attention, but Senate Dems points out that on pages five and six of Ryan’s proposal, the plan lays out its version of what constitutes “appropriate levels of the public debt” over the next ten years. It says that in fiscal year 2012, [...]

RyanCare and the "Jamming It Down Our Throats" Talking Point

Via Colby Itkowitz, a very good point from a Lou Barletta townhall attendee: At the start of his townhall meeting — in a county that is predominantly Republican-leaning — Barletta welcomed people to use the conversation to get things off their chests. While he was going through a slide projector presentation about the Medicare changes [...]

The Stupidity of the Debt Ceiling Fight

“The House Republican budget adds $6 trillion to the debt in the next decade yet the GOP is balking at raising the debt limit.” That is all.