Wealthy School Districts Saw No Change to State Aid From Corbett

Mikhail Zinshteyn says Tom Corbett made a choice to cut more aid to poor school districts than wealthy school districts: After looking at budgeting priorities of various states, Baker noticed that more federal funding fed into short comes in dollar streams allocated to wealthier districts than poor districts. Once Pennsylvania’s share of the $48.3 billion [...]

The Grammar Police May Be Wrong, But Knowing Standard English Is Important

Bill White lets his pro-Grammar Police readers respond, and the arguments range from the completely insane (“English is on such a downward spiral, I think people have to defend it.”) to the utilitarian: (“People, rightly or wrongly (I think rightly), make certain judgments about others based on the ability to communicate effectively.”) I have a [...]

The Kids Are All Right

Even though Jacob Allen lost his primary to a bad dude, he was the only person who applied to fill John Marino’s vacant seat, so he’s in. Eric Mark has the story: Jacob Allen morphed from student to graduate to school board member — in less than two weeks. Allen, 18, graduated from Nazareth Area [...]

25% of State Legislators Don’t Have a College Degree

No wonder state legislatures are such a reliable beachhead of corruption and bad public policy: For the first time, The Chronicle has looked at where every state legislator in America went to college—or went at all. Starting with data from Project Vote Smart, a nonpartisan research organization, and expanding the scope with extensive research into [...]

Hooray for Sarah Bilotti!

Colin McEvoy’s report on the proposal for in-house child care in Easton’s schools tells us that Sarah Bilotti is a highly valuable, highly capable public servant: The Easton Area School District is looking into whether it could provide before- and after-school day care at the elementary schools, rather than lease the buildings to outside corporations [...]

Allentown Wants in on Summer Hours

Steve Esack: Under that budget proposal the district would seek to save between $10,000 and $15,000 on energy costs by taking Fridays off during the summer. Chief Financial Officer Trevor Jackson said the savings would come by shutting off air conditioners in all buildings when the four-day work week runs between June 27 and Aug. [...]

Eating the Seed Corn

Michael Sokolove has a very good NYT piece on how Tom Corbett’s totally unnecessary budget cuts are going to roll back recent education gains in Levittown: Fifty-one percent of Bristol Township’s students qualify for free or reduced lunch. When schools were first measured under the No Child Left Behind act, the district scored near the [...]