Free Parking at Schools is a Regressive Handout to Wealthy Families

Before anyone goes raising property taxes, the lowest hanging fruit for raising revenue is parking fees for students and school employees. And yet, Saucon Valley School District is mulling the removal of parking fees. Some of the Board members seem not to understand how this works. Here’s Lanita Lum: It irks Saucon Valley School Director [...]

What’s the Case for Government Intervention in Easton’s Barber Market?

From Gail Scudder at Easton Patch, a useful demonstration of how rent-seeking works: Urena is part of a small wave of barbershops that have all opened along Northampton Street in the last year. In addition to Legacy Hall, there’s Flow Factory in the 600 block, and R&R Barbershop, which opened under new management on the [...]

How Much Gas is There?

Matthew Kahn has a great post on the big NYT natural gas story: Asymmetric information and fundamental uncertainty raise interesting issues in economics. Suppose that a natural gas company owns 10 plots of adjacent land and reports the “provable” quantity of natural gas that it can access at one of the plots. It is tempting [...]

Radio Caroline and File Sharing

LVCI has a great post on pre-Internet music piracy. The pirate analogy feels more apt when there’s an actual boat involved. The big change that’s occurred since Radio Caroline is that the marginal cost of reproducing music recordings has fallen to $0. I can send you a .zip file of an album for free and [...]

The Future is Job Density

Christopher Leinberger says firms are moving out of suburban office parks back into walkable urban cores to attract Millenials: In spite of the U.S. Census data for the past decade showing continued job de-centralization, there is now much anecdotal evidence for the just the opposite… The reason in nearly every case? The millennial generation is [...]

The Street Food Strategy for Latino Integration

In today’s Patch column, I make the case for integration through relaxed food cart regulations: The best integration strategy I can think of would be for cities to relax their food cart regulations, and offer financial incentives to street vendors or food trucks. Bethlehem’s food cart regulations are much too restrictive and make it unnecessarily [...]

Response to Gerard on Parking in Easton

Jonathan Gerard has a blog post up at Easton Patch suggesting a number of downtown parking solutions. There are a number of good ideas, especially for making people feel better about paying parking tickets, but he stops short of endorsing the most obvious conclusion of some of his own ideas - that the key to getting the right number [...]