Phillipsburg: Not Doomed?

Rich Wilkins says Phillipsburg’s not doomed, and has some good ideas for turning things around: The train service to New York City from Western New Jersey ends at Clinton in Hunterdon County (roughly 15 miles away) to the west, and in Blairstown (Delaware Water Gap at the north end of Warren County) to the north. [...]

Phillipsburg: Doomed, Unless People Think It’s Easton

Noel Jones has a good post asking what’s wrong with Phillipsburg on its 150 year anniversary: In this Express-Times article by Sarah Wojcik, the mayor seems to be predict a big turnaround for PBurg, but he doesn’t seem to have any concrete reasons for why he thinks it’s going to happen, and the people aren’t [...]

Municipal Consolidation Would Mean a Stronger Claim on Federal Money

Important point from Holly Edinger at the LVEDC blog: LVSC submitted its application for a $5 million regional planning grant in August 2010. Although the LVSC did not receive a grant award, the Consortium did score high enough to be designated by HUD as having Preferred Sustainability Status, a major accomplishment. Out of 805 applicants [...]

NIMBYs Worry Hockey Arena Will Be Too Successful

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to occupy the scrambled brains of the NIMBYs complaining about putting the Phantoms arena in downtown Allentown. On the one hand they’re constantly telling us that Allentown’s doomed, any revitalization efforts you want to try are doomed, you’ll never get middle-income people to come downtown, and everyone should just stick to [...]

Panto on Development in Easton’s Neighborhoods

Sal Panto easily refutes Mike Krill’s dumb accusation that he’s ignored Easton’s neighborhoods in an interview with Samantha Kimball at the Elucidator: SK: Could you talk a little more about how the city can better support the neighborhoods? SP: We do a lot in the neighborhoods. All of our parks last year received an upgrade. [...]

Is Economic Development Really Better Off Under Legislator Control?

I’m sympathetic to Laura Vecsey and Mike Sturla’s transparency-based critiques of Tom Corbett’s proposal to consolidate Harrisburg’s disparate economic development programs into a single $2 billion Liberty Loan Fund. If the program is poorly-designed, which I think we should expect given the Governor’s track record so far, this could easily turn into a slush fund [...]

County Districts and Economic Development

This point is tangential to the Portland Generating Station issue, so it deserves its own post. Consider this quote from Ron Angle: The Portland Power plant is in Northampton County, but the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection filed a petition against the plant. And some Northampton County officials believe that move was fueled by [...]