Why Does Easton Have Parking Minimums If They Can’t Be Enforced?

Tom Coombe: Schyrhys, who owns several Northampton Street properties, testified that no other downtown restaurants have their own parking, and rely on the same sources he would: the city’s main garage, the parking lot at Our Lady of Lebanon church, and (eventually) the intermodal garage. Board members had no issue with Schyrhys’s proposal. “We all [...]

Ruggles Introduces Plan to Fine Vacant Property Owners in Easton

Edward Sieger has a great report on Roger Ruggles’ new anti-blight plan: Easton City Councilman Roger Ruggles said he plans to bring a vacant property law to council next month that would require owners to register their empty buildings and pay an annual fee based on how long a building has stood dormant. Ruggles, who [...]

What’s the Case for Government Intervention in Easton’s Barber Market?

From Gail Scudder at Easton Patch, a useful demonstration of how rent-seeking works: Urena is part of a small wave of barbershops that have all opened along Northampton Street in the last year. In addition to Legacy Hall, there’s Flow Factory in the 600 block, and R&R Barbershop, which opened under new management on the [...]

What Are the Best Alternatives to a Neighborhood Improvement District?

Christina Georgiou has a good piece on some new ideas that came out of the first public workshop on the Neighborhood Improvement District proposal in Easton. Some of them are good, but the city needs to keep the focus on the original goal of funding the Ambassadors and the Easton Main Street Initiative in the central business district. [...]

Phillipsburg: Not Doomed?

Rich Wilkins says Phillipsburg’s not doomed, and has some good ideas for turning things around: The train service to New York City from Western New Jersey ends at Clinton in Hunterdon County (roughly 15 miles away) to the west, and in Blairstown (Delaware Water Gap at the north end of Warren County) to the north. [...]

Yes, All Downtown Property Owners Will Benefit From the Easton NID Plan

A couple points on Samantha Marcus’ article on the Neighborhood Improvement District in Easton: Advocates can expect a fierce debate if not a legal fight led by prolific downtown developer Peter Koehler of Koehler Kheel Realty. This brand of a la carte taxation doesn’t sit well with him. He’s already absorbed landlord licensing fees to [...]

Phillipsburg: Doomed, Unless People Think It’s Easton

Noel Jones has a good post asking what’s wrong with Phillipsburg on its 150 year anniversary: In this Express-Times article by Sarah Wojcik, the mayor seems to be predict a big turnaround for PBurg, but he doesn’t seem to have any concrete reasons for why he thinks it’s going to happen, and the people aren’t [...]