Charlie Dent Can’t Say Why We Should Trust GOP on Jobs

By far the most important moment of the 15th district debate at the State Theatre came when Charlie Dent declined to explain why anyone should trust Republicans to create jobs. Joe Owens pointed out that economists agree the recession began in December of 2007, during the Bush administration. Indeed jobs losses peaked during the Bush [...]

Charlie Dent Does Not Understand the Economy

I was going to do another play-by-play on the second 15th District debate, but after watching it, I think Nicole Radzievich’s report covers almost all the highlights, so you’d do fine reading that. Naturally there are some policy points to address. For this post I’d like to focus on Charlie Dent’s laughably incorrect diagnosis of [...]

"Callahan Ducks Chamber of Commerce Debate"

Bernie:: Down in the polls, Callahan has supposedly clamored for more debate time, but he ducked a surprisingly good debate sponsored by the local tea party this Spring. Now, he’s running from a local debate on jobs and the economy at the very time that Charlie Dent is being endorsed by one of the nation’s [...]

Charlie Dent and John Boehner Have a Good Laugh About the Ethics Committee

The Callahan campaign has compiled a video of Charlie Dent and John Boehner laughing about how much they disrespect the House Ethics Committee – a bright contrast with Charlie Dent’s statements at the debate boasting about how important he thinks it is. From the press release: Congressman Dent Makes Joke of Ethics Committee Caught on [...]

New Muhlenberg Poll Shows Dent Still Vulnerable, Under 50%

The new 15th district poll shows the race essentially unchanged from April, with Dent leading Callahan 49-38, compared to 43-31 in April, and Jake Towne pulling 3%. The pool of undecided voters has shrunk to 10%, so if Callahan is going to win, he’s going to have to drive up Dent’s negatives with Democrats. The [...]

15th District Debate: Question 4

To recap, for the debate series, I’m summarizing the candidates’ responses and their supporting arguments, and then offering my views and some more contest below. Question 4: Will you vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker? John Callahan I don’t know who’s going to be running for Speaker of the House. Regardless of who’s running for [...]

15th District Debate: Question 3

So everybody’s clear on what I’m doing here, I’m summarizing the candidates’ arguments with the data points they use to support them, and then contributing my personal arguments below them, in the interest of helping people sort out who’s right. 3: Why do people feel disconnected from their government? Jake Towne Most people don’t believe [...]