Dent Vs. the Tea Party on Abolishing Department of Education

At the State Theatre debate, Jake Towne stated that he would support abolishing the Department of Education – a position supported by Tea Party activists and 111 Republican incumbents and challengers, including would-be Speaker John Boehner. To the great disappointment of his conservative base, Charlie Dent declined to support abolishing the Department, but promised to [...]

Charlie Dent: Leave the Chamber of Commerce Aloooone!

Just wow. Once again Charlie Dent sobbed at the debate that Democrats are being sooo meannnn to the Chamber of Commerce for flooding our elections with shadowy anonymous contributions from foreign corporations, foreign state-owned oil companies, and Wall Street megabanks to elect Republicans – all the while undermining our economic recovery by teaching their member businesses [...]

Voters, Media Finally Realize How Nutty Pat Toomey Is

Voters, and the mainstream media, are finally catching on that Pat Toomey is just as loony as Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul, and Sharon Angle. Colby Itkowitz reports: Joe Sestak and fellow Democrats want to make Pat Toomey the fringe candidate by pointing out he voted with Rick Santorum, is being backed by Sarah Palin and [...]

15th District Debate: Loose Ends

I doubt I’m going to get around to doing any more debate posts, but I have a few stray thoughts about the remaining questions that I wanted to blog. On the defense budget question, both major party candidates talked about being more discerning with purchases in the appropriations process, but Jake Towne was the only [...]