Bendable Electronics: A Major Technological Breakthrough

Jaeah Lee has a great write-up on mc10′s remarkable new technology: After more than a decade of research and testing, electronics that can bend and stretch over virtually any surface are finally making their way to the marketplace. One company in the space is mc10, a start-up in Cambridge Massachusetts. mc10 bases its products on [...]

Charlie Dent’s Fuel Cell Pork

Other than pure hackery, I don’t know why Bernie keeps covering for Charlie Dent on hydrogen fuel cells. I have explained to him, patiently and gently, that no one believes this technology is going anywhere. Continuing research for it is a huge waste of money. Here’s me in February: Hydrogen fuel cells are a pipe dream, continuing [...]

Our Solar Future, Cont’d.

The solar breakthroughs keep coming: Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered how to create successful “CIGS” (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) solar devices with inkjet printing, reducing raw material waste by 90 percent and significantly lowering the cost of producing solar energy cells. The process could lead to high-performing, rapidly produced, ultra-low cost thin [...]

Our Solar Future, Cont’d.

This is the sort of breakthrough that has the potential to change the way buildings are made: A start-up in Northern California is working on creating “solar windows” that could act as solar panels at the same time as blocking sunlight from entering office buildings to reduce their energy needs, according to a Sunday story [...]

Oil Drilling Will Not Reduce Gas Prices

Intellectual garbage clean-up of Charlie Dent press releases outsourced to Greg Palmer: First, we disagree with him on the substance of his attack – if energy prices are high and thats hindering job creation, we’re all for releasing some of the SPR. Job creation is Job 1, to modify an old Ford slogan. But more [...]

Our Solar Future

Stephen Lacy at Grist gives us more reasons to be optimistic about solar. Here’s the price trend: And so much for natural gas as a “bridge fuel.” We’ve already crossed the bridge:

Solar Could Compete on Price With Dirty Energy in 3 Years

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has been saying for a while that we’ll be able to power the world with solar energy by around 2027. He has noted that the relationship between solar panel prices and efficiency gains have been tracking a Moore’s Law pattern for the last 20 years. I’m not endorsing anything that optimistic, but [...]