Where’s the Growth?

It’s the 10 year anniversary of the Bush tax cuts, so where’s the growth? Republicans sold the tax cuts as a plan to increase long-term economic growth, but there’s no results to show for it besides a bigger deficit and stagnant wages. Is this a 20 year project? A 30 year project? Come on. It [...]

Where the Debt Is

This is why anybody who supports extending the Bush tax cuts shouldn’t be allowed to use the words “debt” or “deficit” in a political context ever again.

Do You Want to Blog At LVI Debra Mellish?

An excellent question from Debra Mellish in a letter to the editor in the Morning Call: Do Personal Tax Breaks Really Create More Jobs? Regarding tax rates: A letter writer on Dec. 21 quotes the National Taxpayers Union data on taxes paid by top earners, suggesting that the top earners already pay more than their [...]

Reservations About the Tax Cut Deal

Mike Konczal argues pretty persuasively that the Obama-McConnell tax deal should look more like this than the chart the White House was sending around on the Hill: James Kwak makes a similar case here. The more I read about this, the more I think we should be concerned about the Democrats’ will to let the [...]

Tax Cut Graphics!

You knew it was just a matter of time… Here’s this one, updated with the compromise plan: Here’s the graphs from Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, along with their analysis: Here’s a graph from Michael Linden at CAP that shows why liberals think this is such a raw deal from a moral standpoint, even [...]

How the Tax Plans Will Affect You

The Washington Post has a gorgeous infographic that helps you figure out what all the various tax extension plans would mean for your bottom line. One thing that really stands out is how the “middle class” tax cuts are still primarily skewed toward very very rich people. Even under the original Obama plan, billionaires still [...]

What Concessions Should We Want on the Tax Cut Deal?

Tim Fernholz and Jonathan Bernstein have good ideas that would make the tax cut deal better. Including the debt ceiling vote in the package is the most important. Seeing as the tax cuts are responsible for a goodly portion of the need to raise the debt ceiling in the first place, the extension should be [...]