Exclusive: First Look at the New Southside Bethlehem Complex Design Scheme

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 8.17.48 PM

Here’s a peek at the two draft renderings currently under consideration for the new complex of buildings on Southside Bethlehem at 3rd and New Streets. I’ve been interested in how the new office building and the new city parking garage will interact with the Greenway park, the pedestrian space on the surrounding sidewalks, and the [...]

Joe Kelly for Bethlehem Council Vacancy

He’d be a great pick, obviously.

As Car Sharing Grows in Popularity, Time to Stop Singling Out Car Rentals for Special Taxes

One other way city and state politicians could help folks keep more of their take-home pay by making it easier not to own a car is by making it cheaper and easier to rent cars and rides for-hire. When I moved to Philadelphia a couple months ago, my wife and I decided to ditch our car and use [...]

Cars Are Expensive

The high cost of car-related expenses as a household budget item is a major equity blindspot for many Democratic city politicians. For some, the political imagination spans from low-income car owners to high-income car owners, and so the “equitable” policy agenda is all about lowering the costs of car ownership as a bankshot way to [...]

Electronic Meters Changing Parking Politics in Easton

Maximize payment convenience and people will accept parking fee hikes with little complaint: Megan McBride, the farmers market manager, said the new meters pleased the thousands of people attending the weekly outdoor event. In a break from years past, McBride said parking complaints were nil this season. “We heard a lot less grumbling about parking [...]

Why Dennis Benner is Investing in Southside Bethlehem

Good interview from Nicole Radzievich, but Benner should head over to Easton though, where a “youthful renaissance” has been taking hold for years now. All the older city downtowns, and some boroughs like Wilson, Nazareth, and Emmaus are ripe for some infill development. We just need more developers like Dennis Benner and sons who get [...]

Bethlehem Mayor-elect Bob Donchez Picks a Sprawl Booster for DCED

Bernie O’Hare says Bethlehem Mayor-elect Bob Donchez’s pick for Director of Community and Economic Development, Alicia Karner, was a primary booster of one of the most wasteful sprawl projects in recent memory when she was working as outgoing Northampton County Executive John Stoffa’s economic development head. Karner promised that this wouldn’t be *just any* Big Box interchange [...]