Replace Bethlehem’s Senior Towers Eventually

I think the moral of the story about this fire at the senior high-rise on E 4th Street in Bethlehem is that you should not house the people least able to scramble down 14 flights of stairs in high rises. These senior tower buildings are all really awful, in my humble opinion, from an architecture perspective, and from a modern planning perspective. The blocks between Broad Street and Union Boulevard on Main Street are prime real estate. The retail cluster on Main Street south of Broad Street would start creeping north on Main Street if all the buildings on that block could be replaced by taller mixed-use buildings with sidewalk-facing retail. But instead it’s just a lot of dead space for pedestrians. City already ruined one block forever on the east side of Main Street with a blank parking garage wall, but they can redeem this by prioritizing replacement of the senior towers on the west side with some buildings with sidewalk-facing retail.

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