Use-Based Zoning Means Old Fuddyduddies Blocking Nice Things

Emmaus zoners should be ashamed of themselves, but this is why form-based zoning is superior to use-based zoning. Downtown Emmaus is very nice, and it’ll be even nicer with more restaurants and bars and fun stuff to do. But the use-based zoning code gives old fuddyduddies who don’t get this a powerful veto point to block nice things from happening. People need to chill the fuck out.

Via Emmaus Patch:

The Borough of Emmaus may have lost the chance to become the home of Funk Brewing Company in 2014, thanks to a decision by the Zoning Hearing Board last week. The microbrewer went before the board to request a variance that would have allowed Funk to operate a taproom on South Sixth Street, along with its brewing and bottling operation, according to The Morning Call.

Taprooms enable patrons to taste the beer before buying it and are common among microbrewers.

Funk Brewing, on its Facebook page, says that the decision is not what the company “expected” but that the microbrewer will “keep rocking and rolling.”

A Facebook post by Funk after the decision reads: “Well, I hate to say it, but we were denied our zoning application last night for an accessory use to operate our taproom. We’re already working on some alternatives so stay tuned. Cheers!”

Funk Brewing is getting quite a bit of support on Facebook, with some Facebook friends encouraging the microbrewer to reapply for the variance, bringing along an army of beer lovers to the next zoning board hearing and others, like Lower Macungie Board of Commissioners candidate Ron Beitler encouraging Funk to head over to the Macungie area.

The primary argument against the new business during the Emmaus zoning board hearing, the Morning Call says, came from Chairman Roger Steinmayr who said he fails to see what makes a taproom different from a bar. There is nothing in borough zoning regulations that prohibits the bottling part of the business.

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