Easton Keeps Showing Traffic Circle Parking’s Not Necessary

Event by event, Easton keeps proving that the parking spaces in the traffic circle aren’t necessary.

They keep closing off the corners of the circle for big events, aka times of peak parking demand, and it’s no big deal. People find other places to park, and everyone gets to enjoy more public fun in a nice public space.

If this can work during peak times, obviously it’ll work during off-peak times too. Easton should eventually pave over the parking spaces in the circle permanently and extend the public space out further. They might even want to consider raising the street surface at the crosswalks and giving the raised areas a cobblestone surface or something to calm traffic.

Easton is booming right now and Centre Square is one of the greatest places in the LV. But that shouldn’t mean Mission Accomplished. Every place could do its thing better, and Centre Square could be an even greater public space with more sidewalk space, more outdoor seating, better landscaping and slower traffic.


  1. […] but it could be even better with some traffic coordination improvements, and especially if they got rid of the parking spaces in the circle and extended the pedestrian areas in the four corners out to the circle edge. They keep having […]

  2. […] Wilkins doesn’t agree with my call for turning the parking spaces in Easton’s Centre Square into pedestrian plazas. The crux of his argument is that the real peak times aren’t during the Easton Farmer’s […]

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