Hoisted from the Comments: Fahy Bridge Turning Lane Being Eliminated

From the comments:

Lynn Olanoff says:

Bethlehem officials have been working on plans for a year plus to do away with the current right turn lane going northbound. I think last time I talked to Mike Alkhal he said the work was going to be done later this year. Here’s a story I wrote on the project in April 2012: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/bethlehem/index.ssf/2012/04/fahy_bridge_lane_in_bethlehem.html
Lynn Olanoff says:

The major Fahy project planned for 2015 (assuming Corbett’s transportation funding is approved) also would redo the pedestrian access near Columbia and Third streets — it would be directly onto Third. They may also do away with the other “slip” ramp coming off West Lehigh Street. http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/bethlehem/index.ssf/2013/04/bethlehems_fahy_bridge_to_get.html

That’s great news-to-me, and let me just repeat that the option exists to make these changes on the north side of the bridge immediately with road cones while the permanent redesign is in the works.

Doing away with the slip ramp on W Lehigh Street is also a good idea that would be even better if paired with PennDOT’s “complete streets” redesign of the Fahy Bridge. The slip ramp could be narrowed a bit and become a protected bike ramp onto a protected bike lane on the bridge. I’ve always wanted to see a separated green bike lane running down W. Lehigh Street anyway, going around Conestoga, up Spring St. and into the West Side neighborhoods. 2nd Avenue is quite wide and I think it would be cool to eventually have a bike boulevard between Broad and Spring. This would connect the West side neighborhoods to Southside Bethlehem via a bike path through some pretty low-traffic areas, without anyone having to go through the Northside downtown.

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