Smart Growthers Ron Beitler and Brian Higgins Defeat Incumbents in Lower Macungie Republican Primary

This was one of the best stories out of the Lehigh Valley primaries yesterday and I can’t believe I forgot to blog it. Ron Beitler and Brian Higgins are Republicans, but they are Republicans who understand the importance of smart land use regulations and the high fiscal cost of sprawl. This is the Republican Party we need.

Patrick Lester:

Lower Macungie Township will apparently be getting at least two new faces on its five-person Board of Commissioners come January, dramatically altering a board that that was largely defined by a single controversial land deal.

Ron Beitler and Brian Higgins, who were outspoken about how the current board negotiated and approved the rezoning of David Jaindl-owned farmland, were able to defeat incumbents Ron Eichenberg, the board’s current president, and Roger Reis, the previous president, in Tuesday’s Republican primary, unofficial results showed.

Ryan Conrad was the lone survivor among the three incumbents whose seats are up for grabs this year.


  1. Mitchell says:

    I was really glad to see this and you are correct, these are the type of republicans we need to see in the party. I look at this as a small victory against the crony capitalism that happens in government, and especially in LMT.

    Too bad we are saddled with Scott Ott for commissioner

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