The Most Progressive 2013 Bethlehem City Council Candidates

1. Karen Dolan – her voting record is pretty much the ideal. The general rule of thumb for observing Bethlehem City Council is that the further people are from Karen’s position, the more wrong they tend to be.

2. Bryan Callahan – yes he’s John’s brother, but he is a very smart and thoughtful guy who is not a typical politician. He understands that his job on Council is to weigh all the evidence and make evidence-based policy choices, and he genuinely seems like he’s running to make his city better, not advance a political career.

3. Adam Waldron – young guy, small business owner, who’ll be another Millenial voice in City government for improving the downtown business districts and neighborhoods.

4. This is where it gets hard. I really dislike Eric Evans’ brand of conservative politics, and Lump Sanders’ comments on trash hauling indicate he’ll take the same mistaken “show of hands” approach to Council votes that Evans and Bob Donchez do. Steve Melnick is an economic development guy, but I’m wary of him because he’s a Donchez supporter. I have to say Melnick’s probably the best of the 3. The top priority needs to be getting Evans out of the Council President position, so he’s last on my list. Lump’s views are like the stereotype of the philistine businessman. That bad. Melnick will hopefully not be a Donchez partisan on Council, opposing stuff just because Mayor Reynolds supports it. Doesn’t matter – in the fall I’ll be recommending mobile food vendor Chris Morales instead of whoever wins this seat.


  1. It’s Adam, not Travis, Waldron.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Haha oh no Travis Waldron is a writer at ThinkProgress. Gotta check if I’ve messed this up in other posts

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