Express Times Endorses Willie Reynolds for Bethlehem Mayor

The Express Times Editorial Board:

So who is the better candidate to take over for the term-limited Callahan?

Voters who’d like a steady, experienced hand can find that in Donchez. He stresses the importance of compromise and mentions former Mayor Paul Marcincin as his idea of a leadership model.

For his age, Reynolds brings an uncommon political savvy to the campaign. His youth isn’t a disqualifier; in fact, his energy, insight into city government and willingness to mix it up with people gives him an edge in this race and we endorse his candidacy.

Reynolds has a good grip on the need to control the city’s finances and exert a firm but fair hand with the labor force. He’s open to reorganizational ideas — such as converting the water department to an operating authority. He was a force behind the city’s human relations commission. He wants some council seats to be filled by district, to ensure representation for the South Side and West Bethlehem neighborhoods. His economic development plan focuses on technical and manufacturing recruitment, coupled with training programs with local colleges […]

Neither candidate has executive or managerial experience; that’s the one real drawback in this choice. We think Reynolds — based on his direct approach, experience on council and enthusiastic outreach to people and the neighborhoods — is poised to keep Bethlehem moving aggressively forward.

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