Bethlehem Primary Endorsements

Mayor: Willie Reynolds. Obviously. I’ll write up a proper endorsement post just for the mayor race soon for Keystone Politics, but the one sentence case is that Willie is the only one with a credible economic development plan, and he’s clearly spent more time thinking through Bethlehem’s challenges and opportunities. Donchez is running on generic campaign platform straight off the shelf. He has no respect for the voters.

Controller: Can’t stand DiGi but he’s the only one on the ballot. No endorsement.

City Council:

Bryan Callahan – I enjoyed talking to Bryan at John Callahan’s campaign kick-off. He has the right attitude about politics, he actually cares about improving the garbage market like Willie, and is legitimately in this race to make his city a better place. He doesn’t talk like a politician yet, and I like that.

Karen Dolan – she has the best record on City Council, particularly on land use and economic development. She is a reliable vote for smart growth, and while *everyone* on Council cops to being an environmentalist, she actually is and correctly identifies land use policy as a critical lever of environmental policy.

Adam Waldron: Small business owner, and as a young guy he’ll offer an underrepresented view on city issues.

David “Lump” Sanders: Horribly mistaken views on most issues, from what I’ve seen from debates and questionnaires, but still somehow better than Eric Evans. This is a purely strategic pick. You need to get Eric Evans out of that Council President post as soon as possible.


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