Better Hours Needed for Farmers Markets

I write some version of this post every year when the farmers markets open, so I’ll keep it short. Farmers markets need to be open when most people aren’t at work. The Bethlehem farmers markets are on weekdays and close before most people get out of work. That’s crazy. Most people are at work between 9 and 5. Who are they thinking their customers are?

If you want farmers markets to really cut into area supermarkets’ market share between Spring and Fall, rather than being cutesy civic events, they need to be open when people aren’t at work. And no, you can’t point to low sales during the day to say the market for this isn’t there. The only way to know how big the customer base is for farmer’s markets is to be open in the evening when people aren’t working.


  1. Who are they thinking their customers are?


    I don’t understand why Bethlehem has theirs held during the day, but Easton has theirs on a Saturday morning/early afternoon and this year they have introduced a Wednesday evening market that will be running from 4 – 8 pm. While Allentown’s Farmers’ Market is more of a permanent thing than the pop up markets that appear in Bethlehem and Easton, they have pretty decent hours that span most of the weekend.

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