How the NIZ Is Helping Allentown Service Businesses

If Allentown gets hundreds more workers downtown in general all the time, not just construction workers, restaurants and other service businesses will continue to see elevated demand like this. Increasing the population downtown will create job opportunities for workers all up and down the skills and income scale.

Relatedly, it sounds to me like food trucks would be particularly great at increasing the culinary variety for construction workers.


An arena project will bring hockey to Allentown in 2014, but way before the first puck is dropped, restaurants around the arena are already seeing a bump in business.

When the noon hour hits each day, construction workers filter out to fill up for lunch, along with office workers. That is giving restaurants in the area a boost.

“You are really looking for variety. You don’t want the same thing every day, and bringing your lunch gets old, so it’s really nice having everything here in the neighborhood,” said Eric Orange, a construction worker at the site.

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