Bob Donchez Running Scared

When you see Bob Donchez using the Republican austerity playbook to scare people by badly exaggerating Bethlehem’s fiscal challenges, you know he’s getting desperate. The guy is looking less like Mayoral material all the time.

Here’s what’s really happening. Donchez thought his negative mailers would knock Willie out of contention, but they’ve actually backfired on him. Bethlehem Democrats aren’t impressed with slime campaigns, and it’s only galvanizing the Obama volunteer network to work that much harder for Willie.

Don Flad relays some conversations he overheard from Bethlehem Democratic politicos that bear this out:

I attended the annual Bethlehem Library fundraiser at the Sand’s Mall last night and as usual I spent a lot of time listening in on other peoples conversations.

Bethlehem is in the midst of a hot and heavy Democratic Mayoral Primary and since there is no Republican candidate the Democratic Primary is the election for our next Mayor.

I heard these two conversations

“I really hate that the Mayor’s race is so nasty”
“It’s only nasty because of Donchez”

Another one

“I don’t know what happened to Bobby (Donchez) but this campaign is so not like him”
“He is taking orders from Morganelli and Leeson”
“But, Bobby has never been like this it is so strange to see this coming from him”
“It is a typical Morganelli nasty campaign”
“So, will Donchez be Mayor or Morganelli?”

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