Get Ready for More NIZ: Huge Front St. Property in Allentown Getting Demolished

Awesome news. This property takes up the whole block between Pine and Chew Sts on Front St next to Bucky Boyle park. The demolition will clear the way for somebody to build a large parkside building:

The buildings that once housed the old Weilbacher Silk Mill in Allentown now have a date with the wrecking ball.

The city announced Friday that it will tear down the multi-story set of buildings at 332-348 Front and W. Gordon streets, also known as the Ribbon Works, for safety reasons.

A fire in the east section of the mill, which was built in 1897, has left the building uninhabitable since 1982. The newer, west section of the mill has been vacant and without maintenance since approximately 2004, officials said.

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