“Is Willie Reynolds Pushing Too Hard for LGBT Rights?”

There is a simple test to see if Bernie O’Hare’s question should be answered in the affirmative.

Do LGBT folks have the same rights as straight people yet? No, they do not.

Is Willie proposing to give LGBT folks rights in excess of what straight people have? No he is not.

So the answer is No. No, Willie Reynolds is not pushing too hard for LGBT rights.

I do not know why Bernie thinks his brother’s religious beliefs deserve to be treated as anything more than a private expression of personal preference by the government.


  1. This is such a common sense issue, i cannot believe it has not been resolved already.

    If the government is going to grant certain rights to married couples, such as inheritance tax advantages, then the same governmental rights and responsibilities should be offered to gay couples.

    Whether or not i agree with that sort of lifestyle is irrelevant as this is a rights issue.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Some people think that we ought to yield to what their religion says is right, even if we don’t personally subscribe to their religion or its teachings. They can’t understand why they can’t win this argument by appealing to religious authority. Once that argument’s off the table, an argument from private preference is an incredibly weak argument.

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