Gracedale is a Dead Political Issue

People had a lot of political success running against Gracedale privatization back in the 2011 Northampton County elections, but this is issue is now dead.

To have a political issue, you need at least two sides to the debate. Somebody somewhere has to disagree with your position, and there has to be some risk of them acquiring the political power to implement their preferred course of action.

Gracedale no longer satisfies either of those conditions. Nobody currently running in either party’s primary supports changing Gracedale’s ownership. Some of the internal organizational changes may prove controversial with employees, but so far none have stood out as anything the median Northampton County voter would be moved to take sides on. If there are political issues left, they are the kind that get sorted out in private negotiations between stakeholders. There is no political meat left on the bones of this issue’s carcass to incorporate into anyone’s Countywide campaign.

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