What Part of “Confidentiality Agreement” Doesn’t Vic Mazziotti Understand?

Endless derp from this guy. What’s yr malfunction, Vic? Thought you were supposed to be a municipal finance wonk:

“It is inappropriate that they are not willing to present this information and hiding behind a ‘confidentiality agreement’ they signed with the city,” Commissioner Vic Mazziotti told his colleagues during their Wednesday night meeting. “It’s two public bodies making a decision that’s of monumental importance if it adds $400 million of debt service without one dollar of improvement to the system.

“Even though it may be the right thing to do, the public has a right to review it, understand it, ask questions about it. We should find a way to cause that to happen before this agreement is finalized. We need to do what we can to cause that to happen,” Mazziotti added […]

Mazziotti said Arndt may indeed be bound by a confidentiality agreement “but I think it’s inappropriate to have a confidentiality agreement that doesn’t permit the public to understand such a significant transaction. A lot of people have concerns about it and they have the right to express those before this agreement is finalized.” […]

Commissioner Percy Dougherty suggested discussing the issue with LCA in a closed-door executive session, but Mazziotti said it should be discussed publicly.

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