Pawlowski Announces 19th Street Facade Improvement Program

I’ve been critical of the Ed Pawlowski administration’s lopsided focus on mega-projects instead of small slower-building neighborhood improvements, so I want to give them some credit for this idea. Another thing that would lower overhead for people making property improvements is if the Allentown School District copied the city’s higher millage rate on land and dropped the tax rate on buildings:

Allentown is committing an initial $50,000 toward a loan program for façade improvements in the city’s West End Theatre District, Mayor Ed Pawlowski announced today.

The program would make available a loan up to $15,000 for any buildings that front along 19th Street from Liberty Street to Tilghman Street. The loan requires a dollar-for-dollar match from the owner.

According to Pawlowski, Civic Theatre’s 514 building, Blink Optical at 524 N. 19th St. and Daniel Joseph Real Estate at 618 N. 19th St. have already expressed interest.

“I know that the most visible investments in the city are being made in the downtown with the hockey arena and nearby development, but we are seeing improvements and investments all across the city,” Pawlowski said.

(via Gregg Bortz)

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