John Callahan Should Run Up the Score in Bethlehem

Everybody knows outgoing Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan is *completely neutral* in the Bethlehem Mayor race and totally doesn’t have a preferred candidate. But if he were inclined to help Willie Reynolds win, here’s how he’d do it.

Now that Mr. Callahan seems sure to win the County Executive primary, there’s not much left to do except run up the margin as a show of campaign strength for the general election, and try to help the politicians he wants to work with as County Exec.

The most obvious place to try to beef up his margin of victory is in Bethlehem, his political base, by working to turn out the Bethlehem voters who don’t always vote in County primaries, but who might be inclined to go out and vote for John personally. Purely coincidentally of course, those irregular primary voters might also be more inclined to vote for one Mayoral candidate than the other.

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