Donchez’s “Citizen’s Group” is Handful of Old Conservative Guys

Everybody’s talking about the Bob Donchez mailer’s smarmy use of a 10-year-old picture of Willie Reynolds (although in fairness it looks like he might be using a 10-year-old photo of himself in his own press materials…) but let’s not overlook how funny it is that Mr. Donchez is touting his favorable rating from the “Citizens Group” that monitors City Council.

The “Citizens Group” the mailer’s referring to is a very small group of mostly older conservative white guys, including failed 2011 Republican Council candidates Tony Simao, Tom Carroll and Al Bernotas, and NIMBY busybodies Dana Grubb, Stephen Antalics and a couple other old guys. They’ve got a pessimistic NIMBY attitude about most city issues, much as you’d expect conservative older white guys to have.

But recall that when Simao, Carroll and Bernotas took their views on city issues to the voters in the 2011 City Council elections, the voters rejected them by a large margin.

The high “score” Bob’s bragging about is the result of a highly objective and scientific process. Stephen Antalics gives cards to the handful of old guys, who then assign Council members ratings from 1-4. They can also include comments.

That’s it. That’s how they came up with these ratings:

The flyer includes an old photograph of Reynolds in a backwards baseball cap. It mentions the low rating he received from a small group of residents in 2010 who regularly attend city council meetings, which was a 1.4 out of four, or a D.

Donchez got a 2.8 from the group, which includes some Republicans who ran against both Donchez and Reynolds in 2011 and some residents who don’t like Mayor John Callahan.

So if you place a high value on what the conservative dudes who lost the last Council election and their friends think about the Mayoral candidates, you should know that they love the job Bob Donchez has been doing on City Council. Personally if I were Willie, I’d wear that low score like a badge of honor.


  1. Publius says:

    hahahaha. parochial local politics at its worst.

  2. Wait, wait, that score isn’t based on any actual votes on council, just the opinion of some old guys who watch?

  3. The group also includes guys like Bob Pfenning, the current controller, and Bill Schierer. These are the same guys that Donchez would rely on to help him make decisions, since he is incapable of making them himself. I am certain these guys would be on his committee of business and community leaders.
    Bethlehem will go backwards if Donchez is elected.

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